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Are All Cot Mattresses The Same Size?

A cot with a mattress is the best option for your children as they are uniquely designed. And babies under age two mostly spend their lives in cots. These cots are especially for toddlers. That’s why we have to choose the perfect size of cot for our little one. We can get cots easily in many different sizes in the market. Therefore it is obvious that many manufacturers are also offering many different sizes for every specific cot mattress. Basically, when it comes to mattresses, there are two types of cot mattress i.e.

  • Continental cot bed mattresses (contains 2’4 x 4’7 imperial measurements and 70 cm x 140 cm metric measurements)
  • Cot bed mattresses (contains 2’ x 4’ imperial measurements and 60 cm x 120 cm of metric measurements)

Things you need to check while buying a cot mattress

Perfect size

First of all, you have to take a measurement idea of the cribs of a cot. Cribs are usually designed according to the fitting sizes of the mattresses. So you can get a rough idea about the size of a mattress you need for your cot. It is very important to choose a perfect size of mattress that fits properly in your cot. A minor gap can cause trapping the fingers and toes of your little one in it.


You should choose a comfy and soft mattress, so your children can get a peaceful sleep and don’t suffer from any aching or pain in their muscles. But in other ways, a softer mattress can cover your child’s nose or mouth, which can cause suffocation and overheating. Thus we should choose the best cot mattress. You can buy Foam mattresses (Firm, supportive, affordable, easy to move, and light in weight), foam-free mattresses (Adour-free, more breathable filings, and affordable), and sprung mattresses (Durable, long-lasting, higher in quality, and affordable) for your cot. These are the best options if you are looking for cot mattresses.

Waterproof and Washable sheets

Try to check the cover of the mattress before buying. Accidents occur at night, although the baby is wearing pamper; leakage problems can occur anytime. Thus we have to choose a mattress which has good waterproof and easily washable sheets. So you can easily wash and remove stains on this mattress sheet. It would take care of the child’s hygiene. We should buy hypo-allergic mattresses and cots. It will create a safer environment around your child. These mattresses will keep your child safe from any bacteria and germs.

Compare prices

The last but most important thing is to check for the most reasonable prices. Many cot mattress sellers provide you the mattresses with all these above facilities at different prices. One of them is Bedding Comfort Store which provides this cot mattress at low and reasonable prices compared to the market prices. You can easily contact them by visiting their site and asking any queries you have about cot mattresses. One of the specialists will guide you the best according to your needed mattress.

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