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Can You Offer Umrah On Behalf Of Someone Else?

Umrah is must-done religious duty for all Muslims no matter men or woman. Umrah is equally must-done duty both for men and women. A Muslim can perform Umrah more than once in life. We are here with complete information with reference of question “can you offer Umrah on behalf of someone else?”

What is Umrah?

Muslims travel to Kaaba is called Umrah. Umrah is the sacred house of God, situated in Makkah. Makkah is holy city for Muslims because of Kaaba, situated in Saudi Arabia. Every Muslim have desire to visit Kaaba at least once in life. One of the basic purpose of Umrah is the cleaning of sins of past life. Muslims believe that if someone perform Umrah by following rules and regulations set by Islam, God forgive his sins of past life. If you are willing to perform umrah travel agency, you should confirm your seat by visiting Qibla Travels.

Can women alone offer Umrah?

By instructions of Islam, a woman alone cannot perform Umrah. She restricted to perform Umrah with her spouse. But, Ministry of Hajj and Umrah of Saudi Arabia allows women to perform Umrah alone.

Can you offer Umrah on behalf of someone else?

Umrah is must-done duty for Muslims having ability to offer Umrah. Ability means physical and financial power. A Muslim who is unable by anyone means, he can avoid to perform Umrah. A Muslim who is financially unwell to perform Umrah, Islam allows him not to perform Umrah. So, he has no need to set anyone for performing Umrah instead of him. If you wants to reward Umrah to someone who is financially unable to perform Umrah, you should pay him financially instead of performing Umrah on his behalf.

If someone is suffering by some health issues, you can perform Umrah on his behalf. But if a person cannot perform Umrah due to his busy schedule and he is physically fit, you cannot perform Umrah on his behalf.

Conditions for an alive person are explained, now we are explaining conditions for a dead person. You can perform Umrah on behalf of a dead person, Islam has allowed to perform Umrah for dead person.

By reference of Dr. Zakir Naik

Dr. Zakir Naik explains that it is batter to pray for a dead perdon than performing Umrah on his or her behalf. He says that you should pray for his or her forgiveness by God.

Intention for Umrah offering for someone else

You should make intention for Umrah by name of that concerning person. It is not necessary to niyat by tongue, you can make intention only by heart.

Best Umrah Travel Agency

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You can perform Umrah on behalf of someone dead. You can perform Umrah on behalf of someone alive in some terms and conditions explained above.

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