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How Long Does It Take a Child to Learn the Quran?

Children’s brains can learn the Quran at a very young age, and it can be done in as little as 2 years, according to Al Quran Academy. Follow this process to have your child memorize the entire Quran at an early age so that they can build their religious foundation from the start.

How much time is required to become a hafiz?

At Quran Online Academy, we understand that learning the Quran can be a daunting process for children. While some children may take longer than others to memorize the Quran, our specialized program is designed to make it easier for your child to become a Hafiz.

The journey towards becoming a Hafiz starts by enrolling your child in an online Quran learning course. These courses are typically tailored to the student’s level of understanding and ability. The instructor will guide the student through the recitation of verses, tajweed rules, and Arabic grammar.

Once the student has completed their online course, they will be ready to move onto the memorization stage. Our instructors at Al Quran Academy specialize in helping students learn the Quran by heart. They will provide daily practice and encourage repetition until the student has mastered the verses. Depending on the individual’s aptitude, this process can take anywhere from one month to a year.

We believe that every child is capable of becoming a Hafiz with the right guidance and support. We strive to provide an encouraging environment where students can learn the Quran in a relaxed yet structured setting. Our experienced instructors will be there every step of the way to motivate and encourage your child to reach their goal of memorizing the Quran.

Is It Possible to Memorize the Quran In 1 Year?

People frequently ask us if they can Hifz the Quran in a year or less. Yes, you can learn the Quran by heart in a year. The Holy Quran has occasionally been memorized by students in less time than a year.

But it requires greater commitment, toil, a well-planned timetable, and a trained Quran instructor. Let’s look at several methods for memorizing the Holy Quran in a short period of time.

There are 356 days in a year and a total of 6,236 in the Holy Quran. You will still have more than a month to review your memorization if you learn 18 to 19 verses every day.

Therefore, if you properly plan your review sessions, you may memorize the Holy Quran in a year if you commit 19 verses to memory each day.

How To Hifz Quran with Us?

Quran Schooling is available to assist you if you want to learn how to become a hafiz. We provide you with the best Quran tutors available so you may accomplish your objective.

Simply connect with us and select the course for memorizing the Quran. then decide on the cheapest online Quran study plan for you, and then pay the price. Before starting the regular online Quran studies, we provide you with a free week of trial lessons.

Connect with us right now to register for incredible savings that will lower the cost of your online Quran study.


At Al Quran Academy, we believe that learning the Quran is an incredible experience that can provide immense spiritual benefits to a child. However, the process of learning and memorizing the Quran is not one that happens overnight. It requires patience, dedication, and effort on the part of both the student and the teacher. Every child is different, and their progress depends on many factors, including their level of interest and commitment, as well as their age. With the right support and guidance from experienced teachers, children can learn the Quran in a few years or even less, depending on how hard they work. Ultimately, Al Quran Academy strives to make this journey a rewarding and successful one for all students.

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