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How To Make Long Trousers Shorter?

It’s really not difficult to make long trousers shorter to the desired length, but you should know the possible methods. Only you can make trousers look good and shorter if you know exactly what method should be implemented.

In this article, we’ll share with you the appropriate methods you can adopt. The first one is the most famous and common method: cutting to the desired length and sewing with a machine or thread. But that’s what not everyone can do because it isn’t easy.

Meanwhile, you should be mastered in sewing and using a machine. Otherwise, it wouldn’t be possible for you to use this method. Let’s get into the second method, which is relatively easier and can be adapted by anyone.

Yes, you’re thinking right because we will discuss using hem tape. It’s a pretty easier method, mostly adapted to short mens work trousers UK among people. Now, let’s see the exact steps which should be followed:

  • Cuff the pant to the desired length you need or turn the pant inside
  • Iron on the folded crease after pin to use hem tape correctly
  • Now, apply the hem tape to the fold & iron over the folded edge

That’s all. You’ve finished and made the long trouser shorter according to the desired length. But remember that if you don’t do this with proper care, it might affect your trouser’s overall appearance and look. So, you can say that it wouldn’t be a great idea to do this.

You’re recommended to get the exact length first after proper checking to avoid getting yourself involved in these procedures later. If you’re finding difficulty in connecting with authorized brands providing exactly the trousers with the length you require, don’t worry.

We have a legit source to introduce you providing mens work trousers UK made with quality materials. You can explore the brand’s online website and see the higher collection of workwear trousers to ensure your favorite one.

Here’s everything about the source mentioned below.

Workwear Global – Explore Higher Collection of Mens Work Trousers UK

Yes, it’s the source we’re talking about, exhibiting outstanding features and providing exactly the workwear you are looking for. In fact, you can go to the website and explore the collection by yourself.

Plus, you don’t need to get yourself involved in any complexity while going with them. Simply ensure your favorite trouser and add them to your cart. Then, add bank details by following a few simple steps and confirm your order.

And you know what’s most interesting?

They never compromised on manufacturing quality to provide fabrics with a shiny look and ensure longer durability. Apart from this, all the trousers are available at reliably affordable costs without disturbing your comfortable budget.

So, are you ready to ensure the trousers are exactly the length suitable?

Connect with Workwear Global and have a better shopping experience today.

The Bottom Line

We shared about how you can make long trousers shorter by adapting two essential methods. In fact, we also mentioned a great source you can connect with to ensure the best workwear shopping. 

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