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Top 10 unique business ideas to start in 2022

You might be thinking of some unique business ideas to start in 2022. Sometimes it’s difficult to find ideas for a new business but don’t worry; we have collected some ideas for you to create a new business.

Owning a business has some great perks and privileges as one have control over time. You can manage things in your way, take some extra time for your passion, and the most important thing is to make more money.

The world is changing rapidly, and we are connected around the globe through the internet. The ways of business have also changed. Most companies are shifting online, and new startups are growing every day.

So starting an online business in 2022 is the best idea. It requires very basic skills; you can master these skills over time while working on your business, and it doesn’t require heavy finances.

Here is the list of unique business ideas you can start right now from the comfort of your home.


Blogging has changed many lives, and you can also make money in blogging. To start with it, you have to find some low-competition niche; better if it has some search volume as well. Check the availability of the domain name and register the domain name.

To host your website, you need the right hosting solutions. It is the most important factor to ensure your content is safe and easy to access at a good speed to your audience.

Now the next step is to start working on your blog. If you have some patience and consistency, it can help you a lot to succeed in the blogging business. You can start it as a side business, and when satisfied with the results and your income reaches a certain level, you can make blogging your full-time business.

Students, teens, and even stay-at-home moms can start it.

Affiliate Marketing


Another amazing business idea is to do affiliate marketing. You have to promote other’s products or services and get handsome commissions on successful sales. Blogging and affiliate marketing are also linked, and you can start both simultaneously.

Almost all the big brands, stores, and companies have affiliate programs. The most important one is Amazon Affiliate Program. There are thousands of products in each category, and you can join it without any hurdle.

In the series of online business ideas, Affiliate marketing is a great fit. You can start it with blogging; social media marketing, or you can become an influencer and make good money without investing heavily in buying stocks.

Freelance Writing Business

There are a lot of online businesses and websites, and everyone requires content. You can start content writing services and make a lot of money. Many freelancing platforms exist, such as Fiverr, Upwork, Guru, Freelancer, etc., where you can publish and sell your services.

Social media is also a great customer for your freelance writing services.

Now you might be thinking about how much you can charge as a freelancer. It depends upon your skills and communication skills. Professional writers charge $40 – $50 per hour or even more.

All you have to do is start working on this business idea. Over a while, you will be able to make a good fortune in this business.

Amazon Kindle Publishing Business

If you want to start a business where you don’t need to be tech-savvy, you can begin Kindle Publishing Business without any heavy investment.

All you have to do is find some profitable niche & write a book about it. On Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP), you can publish it within a few minutes, free of cost, and your book is available for sale globally within no time.

Further, you have control over your book price, which will get up to 70% royalty, and the best thing is you can update your books at any time and publish updated versions again & again.

You can visit the Amazon Kindle store to find profitable niche ideas and start typing any keyword and give space. It will show you suggestions based on what people are searching for. In this way, find some profitable niche and start writing your book.

Theme development & online sales business

If you have good coding skills and are passionate about it, you have great potential to start making a passive income. You can create themes, plugins, or other codes to sell them online.

Once you complete the development phase and start selling, you must keep your products up to date. Because online businesses have extra security and ensure your themes are secure for users, you must continuously improve and update your products.

Themes can be sold online at Envato and on other platforms.

Virtual Assistant

Many entrepreneurs and business owners need a helping hand to meet their business needs, and they can pay a handsome amount for this. You can become a virtual assistant and make good money by providing your services from your home.

As a virtual assistant, your job description might be managing calendars and bookings, making appointments, answering customers’ emails, etc.

You can provide these services part-time or full-time. Even you can find multiple clients and work with them during different hours. It will help you to master various skills, and you will have numerous sources of income as well.

Freelancing platforms and websites can help you to find clients for your online business.

Social Media Management


Every business has to make its social presence on social media platforms, e.g., Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Twitter, etc. Social media is the key to success for most businesses and help businesses to make a bond with their customers.

Here lies the opportunity to start an online business and provide your services as social media manager. Managing the social profiles of the clients will be your responsibility. Answering queries, keeping updated profiles, and posting content is the main task for a social media manager.

The best part is everyone is using these social apps, and there is no need to acquire some new skills. You must set up your profiles and promote yourself as a social media manager in your circle. It will help you to get some quick clients and make your portfolio a reference for new customers.

Online Courses Selling

If you have any skills and ability to teach others, you have a great opportunity to make some extra money alongside your current business. You have to do a video course about your skills. Share your knowledge in lecture form.

Once the course is ready, you can publish it to online learning websites such as Udemy, Coursera, khan academy, or YouTube.

Furthermore, you can make your website with a good learning management system and sell your course. Multiple courses can be recorded and published simultaneously, and you can make a good passive income from this business.


In an eCommerce business, buyers & sellers use online platforms to perform sales & purchases for goods and services. Like other physical businesses, you don’t need any brick-and-mortar to start an eCommerce business.

Depending upon your budget and goals, it can be started at any level, like a small shop or a giant like Amazon or Alibaba. Ecommerce businesses can be B2B (Business to Business) or B2C (Business to Consumers).

Now the question is how to start an eCommerce business. Here I will share precise and simple steps to help you start your business.

  1. Like other online businesses, you must search for a profitable business idea.
  2. Choosing a business name is the next important step.
  3. Choosing an eCommerce platform, e.g., Shopify or WordPress is another significant decision you must make.
  4. Purchasing a domain name and hosting for your website/store.
  5. Product development or sourcing and listing on your online store.
  6. Promoting your business is the final step to help you to generate sales and make money through your eCommerce business.

Freelance Bookkeeping Services

There are numerous unique business ideas, and new startups are showing up in the market every day. Every small business can’t afford to have a full-time accounts manager. But each & every business needs to manage its accounts and bookkeeping.

Here lies the opportunity to make money by providing freelance bookkeeping services if you have expertise in Accounts & Finance.

You can visit freelancing websites like Upwork, Fiverr, Guru, etc. Publish your services, and buyers will contact you. Social media platforms can also help find clients.

If you need any help regarding website development, content writing, and SEO, you may contact us.


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