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10 Reasons to start an Online Business in 2022

Starting an online business never has been so accessible as today. With the advancement in technology and the availability of the internet, everyone is thinking about it. Most of the businesses were closed or faced bad times during Covid-19, but online companies were growing at a rapid pace.

Many offline businesses shifted to the internet. But if you are still thinking about it and not entirely convinced about starting it, here, we will share some excellent pros to creating an online Business in 2022.

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Online Business is easy to start & low cost

why to start online business

Unlike physical businesses, you can start an online business with little effort. Most of the time, you only need a domain name & hosting before you can start working on your online business. Before that, you need a profitable business idea and a complete business plan to begin.

Comparatively, in a physical business, you must decide on a company and do a lot of extra work. After choosing a business name and plan, you must find a suitable place.

Then it requires construction work, work permits, and licensing from numerous government organizations. It all involves a lot of investment and hard work.

While in an online business, you don’t need heavy investments. You can start it with a few hundred dollars, and later on, you can build it over time.

Scale up potential – the sky is the limit.

You never need to worry about the scaling up of your business once you start wisely. For instance, you can see the Facebook, Microsoft, or Alibaba examples. All these business giants began from zero. Some started from a garage and now have thousands of employees worldwide and billions of dollars in revenue.

In a brick-and-mortar business, scalability is way more complex than in an online business. Sometimes companies fail while scaling up as it requires a lot of money. But you don’t have to worry about growing up your business over time. You have to work hard, plan properly, and see the business flying.

Work from home or from anywhere

work from home - elinko

You are bound to your office premises or a specific location in online business. You need minimal tools and equipment and can work on your business from anywhere. Of course, it requires an internet connection and laptop, or maybe you are good to go with just a computer or tablet.

You are not bound to a specific office or office desk. You have the freedom to travel if you want and simultaneously work on your projects. Many bloggers do the same as you can.

Get a 100% reward for your hard work.

If you are working as an employee, you will have to put in a lot of hard work and get a fixed salary. Mostly the employees feel underpaid or overburdened with work. They are paid a small proportion of the money that they earn for the company.

For instance, you will get the same salary or some extra commission if you generate a million dollars in sales. But you will get the total amount if you own an online business. Instead, the more you work, the more you get rewarded.

Be your Boss

This can be a double-edged weapon. You are your boss as a business owner. It means now the entire responsibility is on your shoulders.

No one is there to guide you on what to do and how to do it. You have to be disciplined and have good control over yourself. You should have good self-management skills and be a self-starter. If you have these skills, being your boss is a blessing, and you don’t have to worry.

But if you lack all these skills and always need someone to push you to do something, you may face some challenges. Still, the good news is that while working online, you will be better over time.

No traveling time waste

We travel a lot from home to the office and way back home every day for physical businesses. Many productive hours of our day are wasted during traveling.

Sometimes, there is a rush on roads, rains, or some other travel hurdles that consume more time. But in online business, you don’t have to worry about traveling. It saves time, travel costs, and energy that can be used for some product tasks.

Create your personal & favorite Work Environment

work environment - elinko

Another fantastic thing that compels me to start an online business is freedom from the dull office environment, sitting in the middle of a big hall. Also, there is someone who constantly taunts you with high speakerphone volume.

Luckily, you have control over all these boring things. You can create your workspace. Design it with your favorite colors, inspiring quotes, or mesmerizing paintings. It will add up to your productivity and have a positive impact on your health as well.

No worries about the Location

For starting a physical business, you have to find an appropriate location. While selecting an area, you have to keep in mind numerous elements. Which types of people are living there? What are their interests? What is their purchasing power? And many more things like this.

It is because physical business is constrained to a certain radius. Only customers from nearby area visit frequently to shop. But in online business, you don’t have to worry about the Location.

You have the potential to reach people around the globe. The whole world is your marketplace.

Own your time by doing Online Business

What a fantastic attraction it is when you have not to wake up early morning (if you don’t want to wake up) and prepare for your office. You can set your working hours as per your comfort. If you wish to wake up early morning for work or you want to work late at night. You have control over it.

It doesn’t mean you don’t have to work and sleep or enjoy yourself all the time. It means you have more choices and you don’t have to listen to some rude boss as well.

You can adjust your working hours and weekends as per your comfort. You are not bound to hourly wages and working hours to get your salary. Here your income depends upon your productivity and skills. So you have more flexibility and time to spend on the other things that matter to you.


Starting an online business doesn’t mean getting all the benefits without doing anything. It equally requires hard work, effort, planning, and execution, as the brick-and-mortar business requires. But once you are established to a certain level, you have more time and opportunities.

More than 2.4 billion people around the globe will have bought goods and services online in 2021, according to Statista. No doubt they would have spent billions of dollars as well. So here lies the great potential for everyone to start an online business and make a fortune.


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