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Best Ways To Destroy An Old Computer

It can be hard to throw away an old computer, especially if you’ve had it before the release of Windows 7. But there are plenty of cases when you have no choice, whether because the old computer is broken or because you don’t have room for it anymore. Don’t just toss your old computer in the trash when this happens. Please destroy it safely and responsibly to ensure your data isn’t vulnerable to others and that your computer doesn’t pose any environmental hazard.

Stripping it down

If you plan on reselling your old computer or donating it, you’ll want to ensure that it’s as clean and stripped down as possible. You can get services of PC repairs Edinburgh if you are facing any difficulty. Stripping down will not only help when it comes to shipping but also ensure that no one else has access to your information.

Start by removing all of the cables from your computer. You can use a screwdriver or tug them until they come free. Next, remove any hard drives from inside the machine. These are typically located on either side of your tower, so look around for some screws and take them out with a screwdriver before pulling the hard drive out with your hands. Lastly, remove any peripheral devices like printers, scanners, or speakers, so you’re ready to pack up and go.

Wiping the Hard Drive

If you’re getting rid of a computer, wipe the hard drive before it goes into circulation. This is more important if you have personal data on your hard drive that you don’t want others to have access to. You can do this in a few ways, but I recommend using one of these programs: Darik’s Boot And Nuke (DBAN), BlackBlaze, or CMRR Data Shredder. PC repairs Edinburgh can assist you in wiping the hard drive.

Physical Destruction

There are many ways you can destroy your old computer. Some of these include smashing it with a hammer, taking it apart piece by piece, and dropping it off a high building. The most popular way is to smash it with a hammer because this will not only break all of the pieces into small pieces but also cause dents in the hard drive, rendering it unusable.

Taking it apart piece by piece might seem like the best option if you want to use any parts of it for other projects but be careful not to lose any screws or other parts that may be needed later on. Dropping it off a high building will result in instant destruction without even touching anything, so I recommend that one if you want something quick and easy.


When it comes to recycling old computers, there are a few important steps you should take. First, research your options and determine which is best for you and your computer. Then, ensure all personal information has been removed from the hard drive, and all data has been erased. To do this, use any operating system or software that will clean your hard drive. After this is done, send or drop off the computer at a recycling center with instructions on properly recycling it.

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