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When Do You Wear Ihram In Umrah?

The dress which is assigned to perform Umrah is called Ihram.  Now, the question is when do you wear Ihram?

What is Umrah?

Million travels to Makkah and visits Kaaba which is called Umrah. Sacred house of God is called Kaaba which is situated in Makkah, a holy city for Muslims situated in Saudi Arabia. All Muslims have desire to visit Kaaba at least once in life. Millions of Muslims visit Makkah to round Kaaba across the globe. They all want forgiveness for their sins performed in a past life. One of the basic purposes of Umrah is the cleaning of sins of a Muslim. If you are willing to offer Umrah, you should confirm your seat with any Umrah travel agency.

Purpose of Umrah

All orders of Islam have a Purpose. The purposes of order of Umrah are here.

  1. For forgiveness of sins performed in a past life
  2. To lessen poverty
  3. Union of Muslims of the whole world
  4. To strengthen the faith of Muslims
  5. To get social benefits

Orders about Umrah of women

Islam has given complete instructions to perform Umrah. A woman alone cannot perform Umrah. She must perform Umrah with her husband, brother, father, or other allowed relation. Pregnant women can perform Umrah without any issues. But if Doctor advises you of any danger to your life or your baby’s life then you should not perform Umrah during pregnancy

Are someone get visa without an agent

You can get a visa without agent. You have to submit a visa in embassy, once you get visa then you can travel to Saudi Arabia and perform Umrah. But travel without an agent is so expensive to travel alone. So it is advisable to travel with the group through an agent or Umrah travel agency.

Which month is cheapest for Umrah

Saudi Arabia is the land of deserts. Months of June and July are too hot in Saudi Arabia. Therefore travelers avoid traveling Saudi Arabia in these days of hot summer. Therefore bookings in these months are very less. So, these months are cheapest months of the year. But as per reward, Umrah performed in month of Ramadan is best. It is rewarded inequality to a Hajj if Umrah is performed in the month of Ramadan.

Where to wear Ihram?

The intentional dressing of Umrah and Hajj is called Ihram. It consists of two unstitched parts of clothes for males and completely stitched clothes for females. Pilgrims must wear Ihram before Entering into Miqat.

Best Umrah travel agency

You can book your seat with any Umrah travel agency. Qibla travels are one of the best Umrah travel agencies. They are providing all facilities of Umrah and hajj to Muslims. Qibal travels is providing the best services in UK. You can confirm your seat by Qibla travels if you are willing to perfrom Umrah. The trust of pilgrims expanding Qibla travels. You can confirm your seat online by visiting our Qibla Travels site.


Pilgrims must wear Ihram for performing Hajj and Umrah. They must wear Ihram before entering Miqat.


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