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Which Pakistani Designer In The Uk Is Famous These Days?

If you live in the United Kingdom and love Pakistani fashion, you’ll be familiar with the name of some of Pakistan’s most well-known designers, like Filhaal UK brand. The fashion industry in the UK has had its fair share of the home grown designer. The future of Pakistani fashion looks very bright as some of its designers take the world household name in their respective countries. We mention here top Pakistani designer in the UK is famous these days.


Many people do not know that for decades, Pakistani designers have been catering to a burgeoning middle class that has created one of the world’s most important markets for ready-to-wear fashion. In turn, this popularity led to international renown: it’s named Filhaal, a Designer from Pakistan You Should Know. Many British celebrities have worn Pakistani clothes on red carpets.

Pakistani designer clothes UK represent an accessible luxury for women and men who want quality clothing. Several Pakistani fashion brands are based in the United Kingdom today – see which suits you best!


Pakistani fashion has always been a part of Jazmin’s life. Growing up, her mother would often sew clothes for her and her sisters. But when she came to the UK to study, she became interested in fashion design. While studying at the University of Derby, Jazmin started making dresses for herself and friends to pass the time, but she soon realized that she wanted to pursue fashion as a career and began experimenting with different styles.

Asim Jofa

With Pakistan’s fashion industry booming, many Pakistani designers are now looking at exporting their designs to international markets. One Pakistani designer that has seen a lot of success in Britain is Asim Jofa. It was born and raised in Pakistan and studied at the London College of Fashion. He started his own design company called Asim Jofa and was soon picked up by British designers as a supplier for his suits. His suits have been featured on numerous prominent figures such as Prince Charles, Kenya West and even George Clooney!


Pakistani-designer-in-the-UK is a popular topic that has been discussed by many publications and on social media. One of the most famous Pakistani designers in the UK is Praveen Akhtar, who owns a company called Pashmina which makes Pakistani designer clothes in Filhaal UK. She established her business with an initial investment of £150 after seeing a gap in the market for high quality yet affordable Pakistani clothes.

Kanwal Malik

Pakistani designer Kanwal Malik has been named one of the most influential Pakistani designers in the UK. Malik showcased her work at London Fashion Week, and a famous fashion brand recently awarded her Designer Brand Ambassador.

Malik was born and raised in a small city near Lahore, Pakistan. She moved to England to study fashion design at Kingston University, where she graduated with distinction. Since then, she has become an internationally renowned designer who’s won awards for her work and has been invited to showcase her designs all over Europe.

Gul Ahmed

Pakistani fashion designer Gul Ahmed has been designing clothes for more than 50 years and his creations are now available in five countries. Originally from Pakistan, Gul Ahmed came to England to study at a young age. He studied textile design at Leeds College of Art and later went on to work as a textile designer before eventually starting his own fashion label. The company’s first showroom opened its doors in the United Kingdom in 1989, with an international showroom opening soon after in Paris.


When selecting clothes for special occasions or going out for a night of fun with friends, we don’t think about anything but what will match our outfits. When it comes to buying clothes from Pakistan, there are more things that you need to keep in mind than just checking. We take into consideration whether or not Pakistani designer clothes UK are made out of quality materials, can be worn all year round without having their shape change dramatically with wear-and-tear, maintain their color over time and are comfortable on your body as well.

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